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Below you'll find a collection of testimonials from clients just like you who have found success using leads from the Leads Direct Network. But don't take our word for it, read on and see what people are saying about us.

My Disability production has doubled since I found DisabilityLeadsDirect.com! I've tried all sorts of marketing, from seminars to my own web site to client referrals, but nothing has been better or more effective than picking the leads that I want to run on DisabilityLeadsDirect.com. Thank you!"

Nathan Gardner
Advanced Financial Options, Inc.

This site is driving me nuts! I used to be a news nut (CNN.com), until I found DisabilityLeadsDirect.com! Now I check DisabilityLeadsDirect.com so many times a day to get new leads that I don't have time to keep up with current events! I may be out of touch with the days headlines, but my business has never been more in touch! It's a great site, a great concept, and a HUGE part of my Disability production!

Lorne Thompson
Allied Financial Inc.

Outside of referrals, I've never had much success in marketing my company's DI product. That is until I found DisabilityLeadsDirect.com! Now I browse, pick, and run the leads that I want from people that are waiting for me to call! What a wonderful concept!

Thomas Greene
Agreene and Associates Financial

I've been booking deals that I've received off of DisabilityLeadsDirect.com since I first stumbled onto the site. All I can say is thanks! Thank you for the leads, and thanks you for the new clients!

John Grant
New England

All I can say is since I started using your leads, my life has become so much less! Less hassles, less marketing mistakes, less slammed doors! One thing that has been more since I started using your service.....More money! Thank you!

Rick Tarnizer
All American Financial

Thank you for thinking of this! Marketing my business used to be the most dreaded part of my day....Since I've signed up with DisabilityLeadsDirect.com, business development is something that I look forward to, not something I dread anymore! Keep up the good work!

Christopher Lawrence
John Hancock

I've never done so well with my Disability production, since I found DisabilityLeadsDirect.com! I've closed ten deals in the last month, and I've got three more in the works! Thank you so much for making my business GROW!

Susan Parsons
Parsons Financial Planning

I've booked four deals on the first six leads that I downloaded from your system! I'm recommending your site to my regional manager for our company! Thank you again for all your help!

Jim Rodgers
AXA advisors

I have used a number of your competitors for disability leads, but the options that you offer my business is top notch

Jon Islanti

I'm new to the business, so I've got to watch my dollars, and grow my agency. Your disability leads let me do both!

Ben Wright
Wright Agency

Just wanted to drop a note to say, " thanks" for taking care of my last requests. It’s really nice to have a company that honors their policies, and takes care of their customers.

Jamie Soros

I love a bargain...Who'd of thought that I'd be able to bargain shop for my leads? Great work!

Shannon Elizabeth
SH Insurance and Company

I did a lot of homework about Internet leads before I started buying from your site. I've got to tell you that your site offers the best value of any site that I can find.

Charles McDonald

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